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This list was complied from primary sources such as the Hosts of the British leaf-mining insect fauna by Pitkin and Plant and the Host plant genera of the British Agromyzidae by Warrington. Other sources include published data and the Leafminers and plant galls of Europe website.
Please notify Colin Plant or Rob Edmunds of any additions, alterations or corrections

Populus species:

Col: Isochnus populicola, Ramphus pulicarius, Zeugophora subspinosa
Lep: Caloptilia stigmatella, Gypsonoma dealbana

Recorded Elsewhere:

Dip: Hexomyza schineri, Phytobia cambii
Lep: Coleophora serratella, Phyllonorycter pastorella, Phyllonorycter salicicolella Col: Tachyerges decoratus, Tachyerges salicis, Tachyerges stigma, Tachyerges pseudostigma

Populus alba (White Poplar):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis
Lep: Caloptilia stigmatella, Gypsonoma oppressana, Phyllonorycter comparella, Phyllonorycter salictella, Stigmella assimilella
Hym: Fenusella glaucopis

Populus canescens (Grey Poplar):

Lep: Ectoedemia turbidella, Gypsonoma oppressana, Phyllocnistis xenia, Phyllonorycter comparella, Stigmella assimilella

Populus nigra (Black Poplar):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis, Aulagromyza populi, Aulagromyza populicola
Lep:Ectoedemia hannoverella, Gypsonoma oppressana, Phyllocnistis unipunctella, Stigmella trimaculella, Phyllonorycter comparella
Hym: Fenusella glaucopis, Fenusella hortulana

Populus tremula (Aspen):

Dip: Agromyza albitarsis, Aulagromyza tremulae
Col: Zeugophora flavicollis, Zeugophora subspinosa, Zeugophora turneri
Lep: Ectoedemia argyropeza, Leucoptera sinuella, Phyllocnistis ramulicola, Phyllonorycter sagitella, Phyllonorycter salicicolella, Phyllonorycter salictella, Stigmella assimilella
Hym: Heterarthrus ochropoda, Fenusella glaucopis

Populus trichocarpa (Black cottonwood)

Lep: Phyllocnistis unipunctella

Populus x canadensis (Italian Poplar):

Lep: Ectoedemia hannoverella, Gypsonoma oppressana
Hym: Heterarthrus ochropoda

Populus x canadensis Robusta:

Lep:Stigmella trimaculella

Populus x italica (Lombardy Poplar):

Lep: Phyllocnistis unipunctella, Stigmella trimaculella


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