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49.280 Gypsonoma oppressana (Treitschke, 1835)
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feeds in a silken tube

Food Plant: Populus nigra (Black Poplar), P.alba (White Poplar), P x canadensis (Italian Poplar), P x canescens (Grey Poplar)

Mine: September-May

Notes: The larvae first feed in a short linear mine alongside the midrib or a vein (Hering, 1951, 1957) and then start window feeding beneath a frass covered silk web on the leaf underside (as shown). In the spring they feed on the buds in a frass covered silken tube.

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Bradley No: 1170

Data: 10.ix.2016, Denge Wood, East Kent, VC15

Image:© David Shenton

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