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This list was complied from primary sources such as the Hosts of the British leaf-mining insect fauna by Pitkin and Plant and the Host plant genera of the British Agromyzidae by Warrington. Other sources include published data and the Leafminers and plant galls of Europe website.
Please notify Colin Plant or Rob Edmunds of any additions, alterations or corrections.


Arctium species (Burdocks):

Dip: Pegomya laticornis, Cryptaciura rotundiventris
Lep: Coleophora paripennella, Coleophora peribenanderi
Col: Sphaeroderma rubidum

Recorded Elsewhere:

Dip: Acidia cognata, Chromatomyia syngenesiae, Eulei heraclei, Liriomyza huidobrensis, Liriomyza strigata, Liriomyza trifolii, Melanagromyza lappae, Phytomyza continua, Phytosciara halterata, Trypeta zoe
Lep: Agonopterix propinquella, Cnephasia incertana
Col: Sphaeroderma tetaceum

Arctium lappa (Great Burdock):

Dip: Chromatomyia 'atricornis',Melanagromyza lappae, Phytomyza lappae

Arctium minus (Lesser Burdock):

Dip: Melanagromyza lappae, Phytomyza lappae

Arctium nemorosum (Wood Burdock):

Dip: Phytomyza lappae

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