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38.024 Elachista poae Stainton, 1855
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the fresh mine is a pale green colour

Food Plant: Glyceria maxima (Reed Sweet-grass)

Egg: on tip of leaf

Mine: April-May;July-August

Notes: The mine is downwards, towards the stem, and difficult to see. It is initially a pale green (as shown) and later turns brown. When the larvae reach the water-line, they may then mine upwards or swap leaves (and then mine upwards). The frass is scattered in the mine. The pupa is in a slight cocoon, on an unmined leaf, about 60cms above the water line. Found in the borders of steams, ponds etc.

National status: Nationally Scarce B

Bradley No: 596

Data: 10.iv.2012, Copley, Calderdale, West Yorkshire, VC63

Image:© Charlie Streets


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