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35.137 Caryocolum tricolorella (Haworth, 1812)
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makes mines close to midrib

Food Plant: Stellaria holostea (Greater Stitchwort). In Europe also recorded on Stellaria alsine = uliginosa (Bog Stitchwort) and Cerastium arvense (Field Mouse-ear).

Mine: December-April

Notes: Makes gallery-like mines initially, often alongside the midrib (as shown). Later it feeds between spun terminal buds and also on the shoots. A local and widespread species, found in open woodland and along hedgerows.

Bradley No: 834

National Status: Local

Gelechiid Recording Scheme: https://www.gelechiid.co.uk/species/ant-43

Data: 14.i.2019, Catfield, Norfolk, VC27

Image:© Andreas Beaumont

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