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35.010 Aproaerema anthyllidella (Hübner, 1813)
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larva in mine

Food Plant: Anthyllis spp. (Kidney Vetch) and less frequently Medicago spp., or Ononis spp. (Restharrow), Onobrychis (Sanfoin), Trifolium spp (Clover)
Elsewhere: Chamaecytisus, Coronilla, Dorycnium, Galega officinalis, Hippocrepis comosa (Horseshoe vetch), O. repens (Common Restharrow), O. spinosa (Spiny Restharrow), Oxytropis pilosa, Phaseolus vulgaris (Common bean), Trifolium pratense (Red Clover), T. repens (white clover), Trigonella monspeliaca.

Mine: March-May;July-August (on rare occasions December-February)

Notes: Initially mines leaves making whitish blotches with the frass packed at one end of the mine. It then spins the leaves together to form a pod. The second generation on Anthyllis feeds on the flowers and seeds whereas it feeds in spun leaves on Restharrow. A second generation has not been recorded on sainfoin or Clover. Locally common throughout the British Isles. The mining phase is shown on Medicago cf lupulina, with the larva in the mine.

Bradley No: 843

National Status: Local

Gelechiidae Recording Scheme: https://www.gelechiid.co.uk/species/ant-51

Data: 09.iv.2011, Chimay, Belgium

Image:© Steve Wullaert

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