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Phytomyza astrantiae Hendel,1924
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young mines


Food Plant: Astrantia major

Mine: April - June; August

Notes: Forms a gallery/blotch mine which is brown in colour, with a pale yellow margin.The mines vary in morphology, forming a gallery cum blotch, brown in colour with a pale yellow margin. The overall shape of the mine reflects the form of the leaves; thus, the first generation in May/June on lower wide leaves tend to be broad in extent, whereas the late generation in July/August on the narrow flowering stem leaves tend to be more gallery-like. Found first in 2005 by Robert Homan in Cheltenham, Glos. It has since been found in Cumbria, Northants, Kent and Hampshire. It is likely to be more widespread and previously overlooked. Young mines are shown.

Data: 23,vii,2009, Cheltenham, Glos., VC33

Image:© Robert Homan

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