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Phytomyza astrantiae Hendel,1924
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forms blotch mines with a yellow margin

Food Plant: Astrantia major

Mine: April - June; August

Notes: Forms a gallery/blotch mine which is brown in colour, with a pale yellow margin.The mines variy in morphology, forming a gallery cum blotch, brown in colour with a pale yellow margin. The overall shape of the mine reflects the form of the leaves; thus, the first generation in May/June on lower wide leaves tend to be broad in extent, whereas the late generation in July/August on the narrow flowering stem leaves tend to be more gallery-like. Found first in 2005 by Robert Homan in Cheltenham, Glos. It has since been found in Cumbria, Northants, Kent, Yorkshire, Hampshire and in Ross & Cromarty and Moray in Scotland. . It is likely to be more widespread and previously overlooked.

Data: 16.viii.2009, Hidcote, Glos., VC33

Image:© Robert Homan

Recording Grade: 2

Hering, 1957, Bestimmunstabellen der Blattminen von Europa
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