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Amauromyza verbasci (Bouché, 1847)
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a gallery leads to a blotch mine

Food Plant: Buddlejia davidii (Butterfly Bush), Verbascum spp. (Mullein), Scrophularia nodosa (Common Figwort), Phygelius capensis (Cape figwort)

Mine: Bivoltine: summer & early autumn

Pupa: Outside the mine

Notes: Upper surface variable mine, from a short gallery leading to a large, roundish blotch to a long gallery leading to an elongated blotch. Widespread. England to Midlands, Ireland: Dublin. Mine shown on Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus).

Data: 05.vii.2007, Fleet, Hants, VC12

Image:© Rob Edmunds

Recording Grade: 1

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