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Aulagromyza populi (Kaltenbach, 1864)
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pupation occurs in the mine


Food Plant: Populus nigra (Black Poplar)

Mine: Probably univoltine: late summer, but may sometimes be bivoltine

Pupa: Inside the mine

Notes: A long winding white gallery (as shown), starting lower side, shallow and going upper side, broad. The mines may not be upper surface and in some cases may be totally lower surface. There may be several mines in a leaf - there is one mine shown above, with pupation at the end of the mine. Southern England. Pupation is in the mine, which distinguishes it from A.tremulae. A tremulae has a mine which is always lower surface

Data: 19.x.2010, Downham Market, Norfolk, VC28

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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