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Welcome to the Leaf-miner Moths Recording Scheme

This scheme is run by Rob Edmunds and he welcomes your leafminer records. A full list of species in the scheme is available to download.

There are currently over 250,000 records in the scheme and this enables the maps in this leafminer website to be updated using Mapmate. The current records coverage is shown on the map opposite.

If you send in your records using Mapmate Rob's cuk is 1rx and the Taxa filter should be set to the National Leafminer Scheme. Records may be sent to the server or as an email attachment.

Records may be sent in other ways eg as an Excel spreadsheet or as written lists. The important details to be noted are:
- the species
- the date
- the location (with grid reference and Vice County)

A specimen spreadsheet is available to download

Please contact Rob for further information.

Do not forget to send in your records also to your County Recorder. A current list of these is on the Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies site

Micropterigidae and Douglasiidae:
These moths, which are not leaf miners, occur at the start of the Bradley numbering system, and are included in the leafmine scheme. Their distribution is mapped as a result.

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