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miner matters - april 2006
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Interception records of Phyllocnistis citrella (Stainton) in England and Wales
Country of origin Sample type Date received Host
Thailand Leaves 1991 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 1995 Citrus hystrix
Indonesia Leaves 30-Jan-96 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 02-Feb-96 Citrus hystrix
Indonesia Leaves 13-Feb-96 Citrus hystrix
Indonesia Leaves 15-Feb-96 Citrus hystrix
Phillipines Leaves 12-Jun-96 Citrus hystrix
Portugal Leaves 06-Aug-96 Citrus limon
Italy Leaves 27-Sep-96 Citrus limon
Italy Leaves 27-Sep-96 Citrus reticulata
Portugal Leaves 25-Oct-96 Citrus sp.
Thailand Leaves 07-Nov-96 Citrus hystrix
Unknown Leaves 16-Jan-97 Citrus sp.
Italy Leaves 21-Feb-97 Fortunella
Thailand Leaves 17-Apr-97 Citrus sp.
Thailand Leaves 17-Apr-97 Citrus sp.
Italy Insect 28-Apr-97 Fortunella
Unknown Leaves 24-Oct-97 Citrus reticulata
China Leaves 05-Nov-97 Bonsai
Italy Leaves 22-Jan-98 Citrus limon
Israel Leaves 11-Feb-98 Citrus sp.
Unknown Leaves 25-Feb-98 Citrus limon
Netherlands Leaves 20-Mar-98 Unspecified
Italy Leaves 14-Apr-98 Unspecified
Thailand Leaves 29-Apr-98 Citrus hystrix
Spain Leaves 08-May-98 Citrus sinensis
Unknown Leaves 19-Aug-98 Citrus sp.
Italy Insect 21-Oct-98 Citrus limon
Thailand Leaves 10-Nov-98 Citrus hystrix
Italy Leaves 11-Dec-98 Citrus limon
Italy Leaves 01-Mar-99 Unspecified
Greece Fruit 06-Apr-99 Citrus sp.
Thailand Leaves 13-May-99 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 26-May-99 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 27-May-99 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 09-Jun-99 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 05-Oct-99 Citrus hystrix
Portugal Leaves 22-Oct-99 Citrus sp.
Italy Insect 15-Nov-99 Citrus aurantifolia
Thailand Leaves 25-Nov-99 Citrus hystrix
Greece Leaves 06-Dec-99 Citrus sp.
Jamaica Leaves 08-Feb-00 Jasminum
Thailand Leaves 06-Mar-00 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 16-Mar-00 Citrus hystrix
Italy Leaves 21-Mar-00 Citrus sp.
Italy Leaves 21-Mar-00 Citrus sp.
Thailand Leaves 03-May-00 Citrus hystrix
France Insect 21-Nov-00 Citrus sinensis
France Leaves 21-Nov-00 Citrus limon
France Leaves 21-Nov-00 Citrus limon
France Leaves 21-Nov-00 Fortunella
France Leaves 30-Nov-00 Citrus limon
France Insect 30-Nov-00 Citrus limon
France Leaves 30-Nov-00 Citrus sinensis
Netherlands Leaves 15-Dec-00 Fortunella
Spain Insect 09-Jan-01 Citrus reticulata
Italy Leaves 16-Feb-01 Citrus sp.
Spain Leaves 27-Feb-01 Citrus reticulata
Israel Fruit 20-Apr-01 Citrus paradisi
Thailand Leaves 25-Jul-01 Citrus hystrix
Italy Leaves 29-Nov-01 Citrus limon
Turkey Fruit 07-Feb-02 Citrus limon
Thailand Leaves 02-May-02 Citrus hystrix
Italy Leaves 11-Jun-02 Citrus sp.
Thailand Leaves 09-Aug-02 Citrus hystrix
Italy Leaves 19-Sep-02 Citrus limon
Unknown Leaves 28-Oct-02 Citrus sp.
 Italy Leaves  25-Mar-03 Citrus limon
 Italy Leaves  04-Apr-03 Citrus limon
 Italy Leaves  04-Apr-03 Citrus sp.
 Netherlands Leaves  25-Apr-03  Citrus limon
 Italy Leaves 17-Aug-04  Citrus sp.
 Dominican Republic Leaves 24-Aug-04  Citrus sp.
 Thailand Leaves 04-Oct-04  Citrus hystrix
 Italy Leaves 03-Feb-05  Citrus limon
 Spain Leaves 22-Mar-05  Unspecified
Thailand Leaves 13-Apr-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 28-Apr-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 17-May-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 18-May-05 Citrus hystrix
Malaysia Leaves 19-May-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 20-May-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 15-Aug-05 Citrus hystrix
Thailand Leaves 06-Dec-05 Citrus hystrix
 Unknown Fruit 19-Dec-05 Citrus paradisi
Thailand Leaves 10-Feb-06  Citrus hystrix
India Leaves 07-Mar-06  Murraya koenigii
Thailand Leaves 15-Mar-06 Citrus hystrix
Pakistan Leaves 30-Mar-06 Citrus aurantifolia

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