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rose (Rosa)
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Early gallery much contorted then widening ending in a blotch [9-11] Ectoedemia angulifasciella 28
1 Early gallery relatively straight and not ending in a blotch, filled with greenish frass in first third of mine, darkening with age, frass then turns black and is either narrowly dispersed, or coiled, leaving clear margins [7+10-12] Stigmella anomalella 92
  Early gallery relatively straight with linear frass leaving clear narrow margins and not ending in a blotch 2
2 Found only on Rosa pimpinellifolia, larva bright amber, head dark brown Stigmella spinosissimae 94
  Found on various species of rose, larva yellow, head dark brown, frass in a central line, never coiled, leaving clear margins along total length of mine [6-7+9-10] Stigmella centifoliella 93
  N.B. The mines of all these species tend to overlap in structure, so it is only safe to record them when the characters match precisely the descriptions given above. Stigmella spinosissimae is rare and will only be found on Rosa pimpinellifolia, but the other two species also feed on the same foodplant.
Mine an inflated pale brown blotch on the top of the leaf causing the leaf to fold over
concealing the mine [9-10]…………………………..…..….
Emmetia angusticollella 127

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