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Beech (Fagus)
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Gallery completely without coiled frass, egg on underside against mid-rib amongst hairs in angle with vein [6-7+8-10] Stigmella tityrella 77
A section of coiled frass soon after start of gallery, egg on underside away from mid-rib [6+8-9] Stigmella hemargyrella 81
1 Mine on upperside of leaf 2
  Mine on underside of leaf 3
2 Mine with creases, contracted (rare aberration) [7+9-10 Phyllonorycter maestingella 34
  Mine a blister over midrib, occasionally over a major lateral vein, silvery [7+10-4?] Phyllonorycter leucographella 332a
3 Mine sub-rectangular, less than 9mm long lightly spun and a little arched; both upper and lower epidermis with veins showing as reticulation (network); larva feeds later in a folded leaf edge [7+9]
Parornix fagivora 302
  Mine oval or elongate, more strongly spun and arched; lower epidermis green without reticulation; larva mines throughout
4 Mine a broad oval, about 12mm long, larva yellow; cocoon edged with frass [7+10]
Phyllonorycter messaniella 321
  Mine an elongate tube between veins or on leaf-margin, larva pale greenish yellow; cocoon to one side of frass which is piled neatly along middle of mine [7+9-10] Phyllonorycter maestingella 341

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