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15.042 Phyllonorycter muelleriella (Zeller, 1839)
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the mine has a strong central crease


Food Plant: Quercus spp.

Egg: laid on the underside of a leaf

Mine: July; September-October

Notes: Forms long mines, with a strong central crease (as shown) on the underside of leaves. The mine is usually between veins and next to the midrib. There may be several mines in a leaf. The upper epidermis is arched almost into a tube and has a small green patch in the centre. A rare leaf miner found mostly in ancient oak woodlands. Moth emerged 10.iv.2015

National Status: Nationally Scarce B

Bradley No: 322

Data: 08.iii.2015, Wyre Forest, Worcs., VC37

Image:© Ben Smart

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