European Lep:Nepticulidae
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Simplimorpha promissa (Staudinger, 1871)
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a serpentine mine

Food Plant: Cotinus coggyria (Smokebush), Pistacia spp., Rhus coriaria (Sumac)

Mine: May-June;August-October (trivoltine in Southern Europe)

Notes: The mine is serpentine (as shown) and the larva is green, It may be confused with that of Acalyptris minimella but the mines of this species have a very long, thin, initial mine. The tentanted mines of S.promissa are also green (which distinguishes them from A.minimella). Mine shown on C.coggryia. Found mostly in Southern Europe.

Data: 12.viii.2009, Thassos, Greece

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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