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35.007 Aproaerema albipalpella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1854)
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the spun leaves turn yellow as they are mined


Food Plant: Genista anglica (Petty Whin)

Egg: unknown

Mine: September - June

Notes: The leaves are spun together and mined. There is no frass in the mines and the larvae enter through holes they make. The leaves become yellowish in colour (as shown). Very rare and on the verge of extinction in the UK. It may be extinct now as it has not been seen since 2012. Formerly Syncopacma albipalpella.

National Status: pRDB1

Bradley No: 848

Gelechiid Recording Scheme: https://www.gelechiid.co.uk/species/ant-74

Data: 2009


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