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49.222 Rhopobota ustomaculana (Curtis, 1831)
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frass etxruded from the mine


Food Plant: Vaccinium vitis-idaea (Cowberry) , possibly V.myrtillus (Bilkberry)

Egg: laid on the stem or leaves

Mine: July-May

Notes: Initially forms mines in the leaf with plentiful dispersed frass. In this mine it has been extruded from the lower surface of the leaf. It then leaves the mine and feeds on spun leaves by eating the upper epidermis and parenchyma. Local and found on hills and mountainsides from Derbyshire to Scotland. Found also above 600m in North Wales.

Data: 08.v.2016, Norland Moor, Calderdale, W.Yorkshire, VC63

Image:© Charlie Streets

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