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15.040 Phyllonorycter messaniella (Zeller, 1846)
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Food Plant: Quercus (Oak), Carpinus (Hornbeam), Fagus (Beech), Castanea (Sweet Chestnut). Ostrya carpinfolia (Hop-hornbeam)

Mine: March - April, July, October

Notes: The mine is oval on Q. ilex (Holm Oak), and similar to P. quercifoliella on deciduous oaks. It is between adjacent veins on beech and hornbeam. The cremaster is shown and has two curved outer spines with two short central spines.

Data: 25.x.2007 (top), 20.01.2005 (middle), Fleet, Hants, VC12; 03.ix.2013, Northumberland Park, North Shields, South Northumberland, VC67

Image:© Rob Edmunds (top two photos); Tom Tams (bottom photo)

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