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15.058 Phyllonorycter hilarella (Zetterstedt, 1839)
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ventral view
lateral view
cremaster - ventral view
body wall - lateral view


Food Plant: Salix (Willow)

Mine: July, September-October

Notes: The leaf surface is often contorted by this largish mine (as shown). P.dubitella is a confusion mine and both must be bred through to confirm identity. The pupae are very similar and views of the exuviae are shown. The cremaster region in ventral and lateral view (top two photos), with a view showing detail of the cremaster (next photo). The bottom photo shows detail from the pupal wall. the moth was bred to confirm identity of this mine.

Data: v.2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ex mine x.2006, Fleet, Hants, VC12 (Rob Edmunds)

Image:© Willem Ellis

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