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15.031 Parornix alpicola (Wocke, 1877)
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the leaf edges are spun together to form a pod


Food Plant: Dryas octopetala (Mountain Avens)

Egg: on the underside of a leaf

Mine: June-August

Notes: The initial mine is on the underside of a leaf. This develops into a blotch which fills half the leaf. The larva eats through to the upper epidermis, which turns the leaf orange-brown. The larva leaves the mine and spins the leaf edges together to form a pod (as shown), which looks like a mine. The larva pupates in a cocoon under a folded leaf edge. An alpine species confined to coastal hillsides on the coast of northern Scotland.

Data: 25.vii.2013 near Loch Borralie, West Sutherland, VC108, Stella Beavan, Bob Heckford

Image:© Bob Heckford

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