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16.024 Ocnerostoma friesei Svensson,1966
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dorsal view
lateral view
ventral view
dorsal view


Food Plant: Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine).

Mine: December - March; June - July; September

Pupa: In a white cocoon between spun needles. The pupa is elongated .

Notes: The larva feeds within the needle from the tip to base and exits close to the base. the larva is light brown and has dark head, prothoracic and anal plates. The thoracic legs are also dark (as shown). The larva is not distinguishable from O.piniariella.

Data: 30.iii,2005 (top three photos), 27.iii.2005 (lower photo), ex mine 16-18.iii.2005, Dwingelderveld, Drenthe, Nederlands, Willem Ellis

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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