European Lep:Lyonetiidae
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Leucoptera lustratella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)
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forms a black mine

Food Plant: Hypericum hirsutum (Hairy St John's-wort), H.maculatum (Imperforate St John's-wort), H.montanum (Pale St John's Wort), H.perforatum.(Perforate St John's Wort)

Mine: June; September (Hering 1957)

Notes: Forms a round upper surface mine, from which galleries run off as the mine develops. Frass is concentrated in the centre of the mine. Pupation is within the mine in a white cocoon.

Data: 01.viii.2015, Koersel~Helderbeek Terril (Limburg), Belgium

Image:© Carina van Steenwinkel

Hering, EM (1957), Bestimmunstabellen der Blattminen von Europa


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