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8.001 Incurvaria pectinea Haworth, 1828
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dorsal view
ventral view
lateral view of head
lateral view of head


Food Plant: Betula (Birch), Carpinus (Hornbeam), Corylus (Hazel), Malus (Apple) and other deciduous trees.

Mine: May-June

Notes: A distinctive blotch mine is produced, then the larva falls to the ground inside a case made from the cut-out. The photo above shows the almost mature larva (7mm). In dorsal view (top photo) the thoracic plates are visible. The larva colour can be from the green to pale green as the two bottom photos of the heads of two different larvae show.

Data: 13.v.2007, Fleet, Hants,VC12

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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