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38.039 Elachista maculicerusella (Bruand, 1859)
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the larvae are pale coloured


Food Plant: Phalaris arundinacea (Reed canary-grass), Common Reed (Phragmites communis) and other grasses such as Dactylis glomerata (Cock's-foot), Meadow Grass (Poa spp.).

Egg : Apical part of the leaf -often near the tip

Mine: October - June; July

Notes:Makes a large whitish blotch as the larva mines the leaf downwards. The frass tends to be deposited in the upper part of the mine. The larvae are a pale colour and have pale brown head and prothoracic markings (as shown). The larva left the mine on 29.iv.2006 and pupated on 01.v.2006. Adult emerged 11.v.2006.

Data: 29.iv.2006, Chorlton, Manchester, VC59

Image:© Ben Smart

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