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15.020 Dialectica imperialella (Zeller,1847)
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Food Plant: Symphytum officiniale (Common comfrey), Pulmonaria longifolia (narrow-leaved Lungwort)

Egg: underside, near to the rib

Mine: August-September

Notes: Formerly Acrocercops imperialella. A rare miner in the UK, found in damp woodland and fens. The initial gallery is soon absorbed into a blotch. The blotch is squarish as the larva eats through the leaf parenchyma to the upper epidermis. The blotch turns brown and care must be taken to distinguish these mines from diptera - which can form blackish blotches. Pupation can occur inside or on the leaf surface - this was the case with on S.officinale and P sempervivens.whereas with E. plantagineum pupation took place inside the leaf (Carina van Steenwinkel pers.comm.). The larva shown is from a mine on Symphytum officinale.

Data: 24.ix.2016, Wicken, Cambridgeshire, VC29

Image:© Stella Beavan & Bob Heckford

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