European Lep:Coleophoridae
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Coleophora tanaceti Mühlig 1865
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case coated in pollen

Food Plant: Tanacetum vulgare (Tansy)

Mine: August-November

Notes: A yellow brown case is formed, coated with pollen. Lives in the flower (as shown) and also may leaf mine. Known throughout Europe.

In the Campine region of Belgium this species is rare and can be found from 10.vii until mid-August. From 10.vii until 15.vii cases can be found on the leaves, mostly near the flowerheads. In the second half of August the cases become much scarcer (Carina van Steenwinkel, pers.comm.).

Data: 10.vii.2014 Mol, (Antwerpen), Belgium

Image:© Carina van Steenwinkel.

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