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37.076 Coleophora sylvaticella Wood, 1892
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Food Plant: Luzula sylvatica (Greater wood-rush)

Egg; laid on a flower

Mine: July-October (then some continue May-August; others do not feed in their second year)

Notes: Have a complex bienniel life cycle with larvae feeding within the seedhead. In a later instar they make a case from a floret, which surrounds an ochreous case, with a distinct neck. Diapause is spent amongst fallen leaves on the ground. They may pupate in this leaf litter or crawl up tree trunks (to a height of 1.25m). The final case is 5-7mm long and is bicoloured, consisting of a darker flower bract covering two thirds with the light silken case the final third (as shown).

Bradley No: 580

Status: Nationally Scarce B

Data: 03.v.2020, Helmeth Hill, Shropshire, VC40

Image:© Mike Shumer

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