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15.009 Caloptilia robustella Jäckh, 1972
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Food Plant: Quercus (Oak)

Egg: Lower surface of leaf

Mine: May - July, September - October

Pupa: The pupa forms in a cocoon under a turned over leaf edge (as shown)

Notes: Initially in short gallery becoming a blotch in the leaf . Later in up to three cones at the edge of the leaf. The mines and cones are the same as for Caloptilia alchimiella and the moth needs to be bred out to confirm identity. It finally pupates in a cocoon at the curled down edge of a leaf (as shown). Note the central keel on the cocoon surface.

Data: 01.ix.2004, Fleet, Hants, VC12 - original cocoon was collected. Moth emerged indoors 23.ii.2005, confirmed John Langmaid.

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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