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16.021 Cedestis gysseleniella Zeller,1839
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early mine (top leaf)
developing mine (bottom leaf)
larva seen in mine
mine almost fully developed
larva in mine


Food Plant: Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine), Pinus contorta (Lodgepole Pine)

Mine: March - April

Pupa: In a white cocoon on the ground. The pupa is initially green, then darkens as it matures.

Notes: The larva feeds within the needle from the base to tip and exits close to the tip. During the mining phase the larva is orange red, but on emergence is shiny green.
The development of the mine can be seen:

The miner can be seen in the top leaf, about one third up from the leaf base and clearing an area as it mines
The mine has now extended almost halfway along the leaf (in the lower leaf)
The larva can be seen feeding in the lower leaf
The miner rapidly eats along the inside of the leaf towards the tip
The miner can be seen in outline within the mine and exited the mine on 06.iv.05

Data: Photos from top to bottom (all from Fleet, Hants VC12): 29.iii.2005, 01.iv.2005, 02.iv.2005, 04.iv.2005, 05.iv.2005

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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