European Lep:Coleophoridae
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Coleophora coronillae Zeller, 1849
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case on seed pod

Food Plant: Securigera varia (Crownvetch)

Mine: July (in Belgium)(Carina van Steenwinkel - pers. comm)

Notes: Initially the larva forms a fleck mine and then excises the leaf to form the first case. The case is tubular, some with a serrated back comb. The larvae feed on the seed pods (the puncture made as the larva feeds is shown). The final case is 8mm long. This is a very rare species in Belgium, being known from only one site. It is likely that the larva is parasitised as it is still present on the host and has a small lateral wound.

Data: 11.viii.2018, Dilsem-Stokkem~Negenoord~Kerkeweerd (Belgium)

Image:© Carina van Steenwinkel

Patzak H, (1974), Beiträge zur Insektenfauna der DDR: Lepidoptera – Coleophoridae. – Beiträge zur Entomologie 24: 153-278

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