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7.058 Coleophora conspicuella Zeller, 1849
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Food Plant: Centaurea nigra (Knapweed)

Egg: Laid on a lower leaf

Mine: August-May

Notes: Initially it makes a small blotch mine which it then cuts out and uses as a case. It extends the case to about 4mm long and overwinters. In late April it resumes feeding and enlarges the case which is finally about 15 mm long, black, slightly glossy and slender. It is slightly curved and has a thin dorsal keel. Many larvae may be found feeding on a leaf. Found in Essex and Kent, in open scrubland, fields and grassy southern facing slopes. A developing case is shown, on Leucanthemum vulgare, (this plant was next to the Centarea jacea - the foodplant of this species).

Data: 16.v.2015, de Oude Briquetterie van Rome~Durbuy, (Luxemburg), Belgium

Image:© Carina van Steenwinkel

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