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37.010 Coleophora alnifoliae Barasch, 1934
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side view of case


Food Plant: Alnus glutinosa (alder)

Mine: probably from September (early feeding not recorded) to November, feeding again from late May to June or July. There is also a biennial population, which aestivates and completes feeding in June or July of the second year.

Notes: The final case is 11-13mm long, slender, and fixed at 45° to the leaf surface, with anal end laterally compressed and bivalved.
The final case (12mm long) is shown here, initially photographed 15.v.2005 (in previous photo, with winter case). Note the lateral compression of the case.

Data: 17.v.2005, Fleet, Hants,VC12

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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