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14.011 Bucculatrix ulmifoliae M.Hering, 1931
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initially follows a vein


Food Plant: Ulmus pumila x japonica (Sapporo Autumn Gold), Ulmus 'New Horizon', Ulmus 'Lobel', Ulmus minor ssp. minor, Ulmus procera (English Elm)

Egg: Underside of leaf, usually close to a midrib

Mine: June, October

Notes: Starts as a contorted frass-filled gallery, between the midrib and vein. Later the gallery, with broken black frass, follows a vein before turning away. The final mine is 11-15mm long. Discovered in 2006 in Farnham, Surrey (Langmaid et al 2007). It hasnow been found in Southern Counties from Kent to Bedfordshire (Banthorpe, 2021). Mine shown on Ulmus procera (English Elm)

Data: 23.x.2021, The Holies-Lardon Chase, Berkshire, VC22

Image:© Will Langdon

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