Lep: Bucculatricidae
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14.006 Bucculatrix frangutella (Goeze, 1783)
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the mine is clearly visble on the upper surface of the leaf
the eggs are seen in the centre of the spiral galleries, with the top mine also being occupied


Food Plant: Rhamnus (Buckthorn), Frangula (Alder Buckthorn).

Egg: Underside of leaf

Mine: August - September

Notes: The mine starts as a tight spiral, staining leaf-tissue purple.  A narrow gallery is then formed from this spiral (shown in the top photo). The bottom photo shows the ventral leaf surface, with the spiral galleries seen and the egg in the centre of the spiral.

Data: 23.vii.2005, Fleet, Hants,VC12

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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