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6.002 Antispila petryi Martini, 1899
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the remains of the initial mine at the leaf margin can be seen


Food Plant: Cornus sanguinea (Dogwood)

Egg: in a slit near the leaf margin

Mine: August-October

Notes: The initial mine is a short gallery at the leaf edge, which expands to form a blotch The larva cuts out an oval case 4-5mm long. This was identified as Antispila treitschkiella until the paper of van Nieukerken et al (2018) showed that it had been wrongly synonomisedand was in fact Antispila petryi on Cornus sanguinea. Antispila treitschkiella is found on Cornus mas and is bivoltine, whereas petryi is univoltine.

Image:© David Manning

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