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6.001 Antispila metallella ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)
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note the trail slits on the left hand side of the block

Food Plant: Cornus (Dogwood)

Mine: July - August

Notes: A gallery leads to blotch, with oval cut-out 5.5-7mm long. There are two or three brown specks at start of mine (trial slits made by ovipositor - see left hand edge of blotch).   Shumer (2020) found an atypical small mine which was within the size given for A.petryi, but with three test punctures, which would indicate A.metallela

National Status: Local

Bradley No: 158

Data: 24.vii.2003, Northants

Image:© David Manning

Recording category: A (as long as mine size is measured)

Shumer MP, (2020) - An atypical Antispila sp. (Heliozelidae) mine in Shropshire, Entomologist's Rec J Var, 132,1 p10

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