Lep: Tortricidae
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49.214 Ancylis badiana ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)
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frass deposited in the end of the leaf

Food Plant: Lathyrus spp. especially Lathyrus pratensis (Meadow Vetchling), Vicia spp. (Vetches), Trifolium spp. (Clovers)

Mine: June-July; August-April

Notes: Initially mines a leaf (as shown), then, with Trifolium repens and Vicia spp it folds a leaf and feeds inside. With Lathyrus pratensis it neatly spins two leaflets together and feeds inside. The Autumn generation overwinters fully fed.

National Status: Common

Bradfley No: 1126

Data: 17.x.2013, Yardley Chase, Northants, VC32

Image:© David Manning

Recording category: 1 - Adult moths unlikely to be confused with other species.

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