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Scolioneura vicina Konow, 1894
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dorsal view
ventral view
lateral view
anal ring


Food Plant: Betula pendula (Silver Birch), B.verrucosa (White Birch)

Egg: at the edge of a leaf

Mine: May - June

Notes: This is the early season miner on this plant; mines formed later in the season are due to Scolioneura betuleti. Blotch mines are formed at the leaf edge. There may be more than one mine in a leaf. The larva is pale gree, with a brown head .The legs are ringed. There is some sclerotization ventrally and dorsally on the thoracic segments (as shown). Note also the pigmentation around the legs. The anal ring is thick, with few denticulations. A female was found in May 1942 in Ireland (Liston and O'Connor, 2005).

Data: 22.vi.2006, ex mine 20.vi.2006, Etzen, Austria, Ewald Altenhofer

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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