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Pseudodineura mentiens (Thomson, 1871)
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blotch mines form from the leaf edge

Food Plant: Hepatica nobilis (Common Hepatica), Hepatica transsilvanica

Egg: at the edge of the leaf

Mine: May - September

Notes: A blotch mine is formed from the leaf edge. The larva feeds dorsal side towards the top of the leaf and it is a pale colour, with a darker head. This species is thought to have one generation each year (Larvae collected by Ewald Altenhofer on Sept. 25th 1999 produced adults at beginning of August 2001 and 2002 (no adults in 2000 !). Found in Edinburgh, 2005 on H.transsilvanica and this remains its only site in the UK.

Data: 12.vi.2006 ex mine 04.vi.2006, Baden, Austria, Ewald Altenhofer

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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