European Hym:Tenthredinidae
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Pseudodineura clematidisrectae (Hering, 1924)
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dorsal view
ventral view


Food Plant: Clematis recta (Erect Clematis)

Egg: at the edge of a leaf

Mine: May - June

Notes: The blotch mine starts at the edge of a leaf and the frass is prominent, when viewed from the underside. The larva is pale green, with a light brown head. The legs are pale brown. there are three sclerotizations on the prothorax, with a further spot on the mesothorax and meta thorax (as shown). The larva feeds with its dorsal side towards the upper leaf surface. Clematis recta isa typical plant of regions in Austria up to 500m elevation, with a warm climate.

Data: 19.v.2006, Fleet, Hants, VC12 ex.mine 15.v.2006, Langenlois - Krems, Austria, Ewald Altenhofer

Image:© Rob Edmunds5

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