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Metallus pumilus (Klug,1814)
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the larva has a dark prothoracic plate and two further marks on the thorax
in this ventral view it is seen that the thorax has three spots and there is also anothe on the first abdominal segment


Food Plant: Rubus fructicosus (Bramble), R.idaeus (Raspberry)

Mine: Summer and autumn

Notes: A local and uncommon miner. It forms a large blotch mine (a developing mine is shown). The larva has a large prothoracic plate, two further thoracic spots and one spot on the first abdominal segment (this distinguishes it from M.albipes - which only has three spots). The bottom ventral view shows this feature. The dark prothoracic plate can be seen in the top dorsal view.

Data: 26.viii.2005, Mileham,Norfolk,VC28

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