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Heterarthrus healyi (Altenhofer & Zombori, 1987)
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dorsal view
ventral view


Food Plant: Acer campestre (Field maple) only.

Mine: Bivoltine: summer & autumn

Pupa: Outside the mine, inside an excised cut out disc.

Notes: A blotch like H.aceris, but smaller and usually including the tip of a lobe. There is always an excised hole and the mines go brown. Uncommon. The larva pronotum has two large brown blotches with two very small marks on the mesonotum. The 'X' shaped prosternal plate is seen. The meso- and metasternum have a round dark spot. The legs are ringed (as shown). The anal ring is sclerotized (bottom photo).

European name: Heterarthrus wuestneii

Data: 23.vi.2005, Crookham Village, Hants, VC12 (from mine collected 15.vi.2005)

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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