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Pegomya steini (Hendel,1925)
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larva in mine


Food Plant: Cirsium arvense (Creeping Thistle), C.heleniodies (Melancholy Thistle), C.palustre (Marsh Thistle), Cynara colymus (Globe Artichoke)

Egg: underside of leaf

Mine: May-August

Notes: A large clear mine is formed in the centre of the leaf , with a black frass pile. Mines may coalesce and so a mine may contain several larvae. A white egg is laid at the start of the mine, on the leaf underside. Mine shown is on C.vulgare and the yelloow larva is shown (bottom left).

Data: 13.vii.2013, Lommel, (Limburg), Belgium

Image:© Carina van Steenwinkel

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