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Parallelomma paridis (Hering, 1923)
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Food Plant: Paris quadrifolia (Herb Paris)

Egg: laid on leaf in batches (average batch size about 5)

Mine: April to May

Notes: Forms large blotch mines (as shown). The larval development is rapid (taking only 13 days). The larvae can change leaves as shown (the larvae from the left leaf changed to feed in the right leaf. The pupal stage then lasts for around 348 days, with adults emerging in May and June. In Fauna Europea this species is considered to be conspecific with P.vittatum but Nelson (1990) gives features for distinguishing the adult flies. Found in Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Stirling, Perth and Forfar.

Data: 04.vi.2009, Cheltenham, E.Gloucs, VC33

Image:© Robert Homan

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