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Pegomya nigrisquama (Stein, 1888)
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mine starts in the centre of the leaf


Food Plant: Solidago virgaurea (Golden-Rod), Aster bellidiastrum and could also develop in Bellis perennis (Daisy).

Egg: Laid outside the leaf and visible at the beginning of the mine

Mine: Autumn

Pupa: In the ground

Notes: The pale-coloured mine runs on the upper side irregularly to the sides, in the middle with blackish spots, where the frass is deposited. It starts in the center of a leaf and without a small mine leading to a large mine. Many mines in a leaf could finally cover the whole leaf. Rarely found in the the UK. Recorded from Somerset, Oxfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Mine shown is on Golden-Rod.

Data: Hebarium specimen, coll.Rob Edmunds

Image:© Rob Edmunds

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