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Melanagromyza galegae Warrington, 2019
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Food Plant: Galega officinalis (Common Goat's-Rue)

Egg: in the stem on young pants, between ground level and the second node

Mine: May-June

Notes: A species new to Science, discovered in Hull, East Yorkshire in 2017 (Warrington, 2018). The larvae feed in a downward or upward direction within the stem. Rarely is there more than one larva encountered per stem. Pupariation occurs usually at the level of the first node (as shown). The puparium is an orange yellow with the posterior spiracles almost touching and each having an ellipse of 15 -20 elongate pores on bulbs around a strong central horn (as shown). Appears univoltine with puparia present in September to October. A difficult species to identify with M.eupatorii and M.fabae being very similar, with identification being made on detailed examination of the male genitalia.

Data: xi.2017, Hull, East Yorkshire, VC61

Image:© Barry Warrington

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