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Liriomyza puella (Meigen, 1830)
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Food Plant: Lapsana communis (Nipplewort)

Egg: upper surface of the leaf

Mine: June-July; August

Notes: The mine starts as a corridor which quickly broadens into a blotch, which appears dark with white borders. It is intitially circular or slightly elongated but becomes irregular as the mine matures. The larva is shown and feeding lines are also visible. The mine quickly turns brown and pupation is ouside the mine. The adult was bred and emerged on 10.vii.2017. First discovered in the UK in 2010 (Godfray, 2011). This is the first record for Yorkshire.

Data: 19.vi.2017, Raywell, South-east Yorkshire, VC61

Image:© Barry Warrington

Recording Grade: 2

Hering, M (1957) - Bestimmungstabellen der Blattminen von Europa.
Godfray H (2011) - Liriomyza puella (Meigen) (Diptera, Agromyzidae) new to Britain. - Dipterists Digest 18: 7-8
Spencer, K A (1976) - The Agromyzidae of Fennoscandia and Denmark.

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