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Galiomyza violiphaga (Hendel, 1932)
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white blotch mine


Food Plant: Viola sp. including V.riviniana (Common dog-violet)

Recorded elsewhere: Viola ambigua, V.biflora (Alpine Yellow-violet), V.mirabilis, V.reichenbachiana (Early Dog-violet), V.silvatica, V.tricolor

Mine: Summer (August - Hering 1957)

Notes: Initially forms as a short linear section which then is largely subsumed into the large whitish upper surface blotch which develops. The frass is scattered in fine grains. The larva leaves the mine, by an exit slit in the upper epidermis, for pupariation and an orange puparium is formed. There may be several larvae in a mine. Widely distributed but uncommon. Mine shown on V.riviniana (Common dog-violet)

Data: 03.viii.2020, South Brent cemetery, South Devon, VC3

Image:© John Day

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