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Amauromyza labiatarum (Hendel, 1920)
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a narrow gallery leads to a blotch


Food Plant: Prunella (Self Heal), Stachys (Woundwort), Lamium (Dead-nettle), Glechoma (Ground Ivy), Galeopsis (Hemp-nettle), Ballota (Horehound), Teucrium (Germander/Wood Sage), Lamiastrum (Yellow Archangel), Ajuga (Bugle), Verbena officinalis (Vervain).

Mine: Bivoltine: early summer & early autumn

Pupa: Outside the mine

Notes: An narrow gallery leading to a largish blotch on the upper surface. Frass is green and indistinct in the gallery - small grains may be seen at the gallery edge. Widespread and locally common in south: England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland. This mine is unusual in that the early gallery shows primary feeding lines. Normally, the interior of the mine is damper and the frass particles dissolve to form the green central band typical for A.labiatarum

Data: 21.x.2016, Hessle, South-east Yorkshire, VC61

Image:© Barry Warrington

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